Saturday, January 26, 2013

How to make a cup of tea

Dear Readers, I adore tea and all kinds of it! favourite is just beautiful original English Breakfast. I would love to share with you my way of making a perfect cuppa. Enjoy :)

My tea collection so far :) my pantry is running out of space

My hot chocolate obession :) next time will show you how to make a perfect hot chocolate !

Bring water to boil

Pour hot water into your teapot ... warm your teapot for at least 2-3mins.  I'm using my favourite rose teapot

Don't forget to warm your tea cup too . Same amout of time 2-3mins or longer

My chosen tea : english breakfast (beautiful flavour from Wedgewood)

Empty water from teapot, add 2 tsp tea leaves and pour hot water into the pot

Brew for about 5mins, you can still warm your teacup untill you start serving

While you wait, prepare your sugar and milk ( i'm using soya milk )

I like to set up my tea set on a tray. I love my fine bone china set "Royal Albert" (a beautiful gift from a special person!). You've got to spoil yourself even on ordinary days.  

Add sugar cubes

Use a tea strainer ,and pour your tea

add milk and stir

There you have it ! A nice creamy sweet english breakfast tea: A perfect way to make looking at your bills a little more tolerable lol 

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