Saturday, March 16, 2013

Mr W's Birthday

Hello Sweet Readers, it's been a super busy weekend . It's Mr W's Birthday!

His beautiful family organised a birthday dinner for he and his sister (they both share the same birthday month).

To celebrate such a festive occasion I volunteered to be in charge of the birthday cake and a main. Oooh a big responsibility! I finally decided to make a fresh raspberry cake (I'll share with you soon) and the Short Cut Pork Ribs in Caramelised Sauce.

Hope you enjoy the images. My favourite dish was the fish cakes made by beautiful Aunt and Uncle. Thank you for putting up such a great delicious feast . I adore their cooking! Very Inspiring ~

Tender lamb skewers

Tumeric succulent chickens tighs, BBQ 'd to perfection! 

Healthy salad to go !!

Fish cake - it's packed with flavour and gluten free. I must try this recipe and will share with you soon !! 

Birthday Cake of the night! Refreshingly delicious and gluten free

The Feast !!! There's much more ... baked sweet potatoes and pumpkins and Moroccan Lamb Chops! Omg , just trying to figure out which one to start first. Great dinner Aunty and Uncle. Thank you Amen!!

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