Friday, March 15, 2013

Short Cut Pork Ribs Slow braised in Caramelised sauce (Gluten free )

Short Cut Pork Ribs Slow braised in Caramelised  sauce (Gluten free )

I love Pork. Being chinese, this is the meat we usually eat the most.  Growing up in China, we didn’t have goat, sheep(lamb) and cow(beef) for dinner (the first time I saw these animals was in primary school in a pet farm excursion in Australia). We had a buffalo that we used for ploughing the fields in our village. The way they work I think they would be super tough to eat. Another option aside from pork was either chicken or seafood (or whatever we found in the farm).

I've been playing around with this recipe for a while and finally produced something I love! So I decided to make this for a special occasion - Mr Wong's Birthday :)

The pork ribs just melt in your mouth. So tender and finger licking good!!! And the sauce omg so good with white rice.
1.5kg Spare pork Ribs chopped into pieces approx 5cm length (I chosen this part because it has more meat and fat )
2 tsp salt (sprinkle on to the pork ribs )

Caramelised sauce for braising:
1/4 cup sugar
1/3 dark soy sauce ( tamari sauce for gluten free )
 1/2 TBS grounded black peppercorn
2 slices Ginger 5mm thickness (chopped roughly )
1/2 cup water
1 brunch shallot (washed, trim edges and cut into 3 sections)
Cooking steps :
Preheated oven to 200 F / 100 C (very low )
In a medium saucepan , turn on medium - low heat.
Add sugar and melt slowly until golden brown liquid. Remove from heat and add soy sauce .
Pop back into heat (medium to low) and stir until sugar crystals dissolves, add ginger and ground black pepper.
Add 1/2 cup water to the sauce.
Bring to gentle boil.
Turn heat off, add shallots and let it rest for 15mins

Prepare pork ribs in 3-4 sections, add 2 tsp salt to the pork , mix well and let it rest for 15mins.
In a large pot ,turn on medium heat, add sauce mixture in the pot .
Add pork ribs and coated the pork ribs with the sauce .
Cover pot and turn to lowest heat and simmer for 5 mins .
In a baking pan, spread pork ribs inside the pan and pour sauce on top of the ribs
Cover top pan with foil completely and press along the edges to close all holes.

Pop into preheated oven and slowly baked for 5 hours !!!
Result : Melting succulent pork ribs,Yummo !!!

Ingredients and prepping ready !!

Melt the sugar slowly !

Ta-da! sauce is done! Easy peesy

Pork ribs ready to go

Simmering time ~

Oohh la la ~ getting there !

Voila ! beautiful pork ribs , the meat just falls off! ~ Enjoy my sweet friends

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