Thursday, March 28, 2013

Snake Beans with pork mince and dried shrimp

 This morning I finally felt the fresh breeze of autumn. It brings a smile to our lips.

It's been quite a warm summer. Our little old apartment sometimes gets super hot. Now the cool autumn breeze is here, things are more more cosy - nice and warm rather than stiflingly hot! 
This is my 1st mixed meat and vegetable dish since the snake beans have been flourishing in my parent’s backyard garden.  My parents beautiful garden is quite large and has a lot of space to grow  vegetables.

We are very fortunate because my mum call us up quite frequently with a fresh supply of vegetables straight from the garden!!!
My parents love gardening. They fill every corner with either fruits or Asian greens e.g taro, longan, choy sum, bok choy, snake beans , winter/ hairy bitter melon , sugar cane, mandarin /fig/ orange trees etc.

My parents grew up during The Red Guards Revolution in China. Life was very hard for them in the village. They survived through the great famine and since they migrated to Australia, they've tried to use every available space to grow their own fresh produce.
They’re very generous people and are always calling up their friends and our extended family to give out home grown vegetables or traditional foods they've prepared.
I would love to share with you this simple delicious recipe using fresh home grown snake beans with pork mince and dried shrimp (to add extra beautiful flavour)! Enjoy!! Xoxox


1x (300 grams) bunch snake beans (wash, trim edges and cut into approx 10cm length)

3 garlic cloves (peel and flatten with the side blade of the knife)

1tbs dried shrimp (soaked in hot water for 5 mins, drain, chopped finely) you can buy this at the asian/chinese grocer

200 grams pork mince

½ cup water

2tbs cooking oil (I used rice bran oil)

Stir fry sauce:
1tbs tamari sauce
1tbs glutenfree oyster sauce
1 tsp sugar
A few drops sesame oil
Cooking steps:

Place a clean wok on high heat

When wok is heated up add oil, garlic and dried shrimp. Stir for a few seconds.

Add pork mince and stir for about a min.

Add snake beans, mix well and add water.

Cover wok with lid and let it cook for 2-3mins.

Add mixed sauce and stir well to combine for a minute. Serve.

My folk's garden~ check out the taro plant, it's bigger than me !!!!

Fresh green snake beans and other ingredients.

Add dried shrimps in a small bowl. Add hot water and soak for 5 mins. Drain, chop finely and set aside.

Prepare the sauce!!

Stir fry time!!

Voila ! Enjoy my friends!!

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