Thursday, April 4, 2013

Happy Easter

Happy Easter!! Hope u guys ate many fair trade chocolates during this festive season!
(Mr W and I finally found a chocolate in Coles we can both feel good eating and it's fair trade!! " Green & Black's organic chocolate". Thanks Teresa for the great tip!

My oh my what a busy cooking long weekend. I've been busy in the kitchen for the last 4 days!

On Good Friday, I did a vegetarian dinner for my beautiful friend Christina. It was challenging because she cannot eat garlic, chilli, leek, onion, shallots and no gelatine. What more do I need to say!! Thank goodness, I was allowed to use water... heheh just teasing Christina ;).

Despite the challenge, I got the stamp of approval from her. (Yeah baby! Deserve a pat on my own back!)

I will share these great vegatarian recipes with you soon . Ooh i can't wait!!!

We had a Easter Sunday lunch with Mr W's family !! Each couple contributed a few dishes to the wonderful lunch . 

Luckily I only had to cook 2 dishes - an entree and a dessert. For the entree, I made my special chicken delight dumplings and soup and for a dessert a homemade pear sorbet with pear agar agar jello garnished with cinnamon snap.

What a beautiful fusion feast for lunch! Enjoy the pictures lovelies xoxo Anna

haha, this olive stole the show !

family favourite, Tumeric Chicken!

Cameron's Special Sweet Potato Mash, Divine!!

Roasted Lamb Shank

Chicken Delight Dumplings with Homemade Broth

Gem's Italian Salad with Tequila olive ( I ain't kidding it does exist)
And good old aussie snags! Why not ! lol
good crustry bread! remember fusion

Prawn Cutlets and calamari rings!

Yum, now what should I have 1st!?

Don't forget dessert : Home made pear sorbet, pear agar agar jello and fresh made cinnamon snap! and fresh watermelon to finish. Enjoy XOXO

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