Friday, April 12, 2013

Gluten free and Wheat Free Dumplings

Hello my Sweet Readers! today I would like to celebrate my 1st successful batch of gluten & wheat free, NO MSG, no preservative super healthy dumplings !

I'm so happy with the result. They can stand all the different cooking methods! You can boil, steam, bake and pan fry them!!!! The result is delicious, tender smooth and moist.

To make the dumplings I created a special, magical dough! It's gluten free, wheat free, no eggs, no diary, no GMO, no msg, no preservative and no yeast.
This wonderous dough is super versatile! Here's a few cooking creations I've tried it on over the past weeks: a pizza, on iconic Aussie pie, pasta noodles etc. The possibilities seem endless.
The joy of this fantastic discovery is beyond words!!!
This dedication is for you Mr Wong. Thank you for being my human food guinea pig/ taster and my supporting rock . Couldn't have done it without you my darling Man.

Please enjoy xoxo

Voila! Magical creation!!

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