Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Ground Brown Rice Flour (DIY)

Trying new gluten free recipes, I've come across numerous of ingredients that are really hard to find. And one of them is brown rice flour!!!!! The name sounds easy however both Mr Wong and I been searching high and low for this stuff.
I finally decided to make my own!
So I did a little experiment on the weekend. Grounding my own brown rice flour.

The process is quite simple yet quite tedious if you want it super fine and powdery. But the experience and result was well worth it - fresh and homemade!!!

I only grounded and sieved 3 times during the processes.  And I did bake something delicious out of it. Please see my Lemon loaf Recipe. Enjoy xoxo

What you need:
A bullet blender (Thanks Malaina for getting me this, it came in very handy)
A great sifter (see picture A) with the wheel handle makes things easier (I wouldn’t use pic B for this experiment you will have a sore arm after the 1st process but use it if you might want to build your biceps!) I'm not sure how long it will keep but so far i've stored it for a few weeks.

1 ½ cups of brown rice (260grams)
(used organic brown rice, it was on sale $3.50 for a 1kg I’m smiling ear to ears)
An airtight jug for storage

Get your gears out! And a nice glass of wine to help you get thru this ;)

 2 x mixer bowls and a great sifter

Top tip : be patient and don't overload the blender . Step 1: Fill 1/3 cup of rice grain into the bullet blender and process for 10 seconds, pause and repeat again. Place your freshly ground flour into the 1st bowl. Repeat process untill you've finished grounding 1 1/2 cups of rice.
Step 2:Add ground flour from the first bowl into sifter and sieve into 2nd bowl . Repeat steps (1) and (2)  3 times.

Voila ~Light and fine DIY brown rice flour. I've found the consistency of this flour is good enough to bake a cake !








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