Friday, February 1, 2013

High Tea at Anna Dumplings

Hello my sweet readers, it's Friday !!! Finally the weekend is here:) A couple of weeks ago, I held my first high tea ever at home.  
The experience left me a little breathlesss! A party of any sort isn't easy and this was no exception with so many little dainty treats to be organised (both asian and western).
Thank goodness I had so many great friends to help me out. A special thanks to my best friends Alia and Malaina. And a big thanks to Theresa too! I cannot thank them enough and am ever so grateful they are in my life :)

Enjoy xoxo

The beautiful Menu made by Alia

Me , Malaina and Teresa ( Alia is camera Shy :)

the spread!

Dumplings tasting platter : budhha vegetarian dumplings  (top & bottom) and summer pork dumplings (middle)

Chicken delight dumplings (bottom), chicken crostini (middle) and cool cucumber cream cheese canapes (top)

This special raspberry pistachio cheese cake was soo wonderful ( so tasty ) made by Alia

Fluffy madelines made by Alia

coconut, almond and hazelnut chocolate truffles (bottom & top) and dark velvety hazelnut centred truffles (middle) 

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