Saturday, February 2, 2013

Roasted Chicken in Chickpea Wrap (Socca /flatbread) -gluten free

Hello my sweet readers,  just sharing this fantastic recipe I found in my " gluten-free" cookbook.  It took me a year to realise I’m gluten intolerant. I thought it was normal to live daily with stomach bloating and cramping! (ohh god the embarrassment of "wind" hehe!!).

Mr Wong told me I might be gluten intolerant. So I stopped eating bread (ohh how I missed you ~even though you are bad!!!), pasta, indulgent cakes and sweets. After a month, OMG the result is amazing - I felt light as a feather, my mood lifted; and as long as it's gluten free I can snack as much as I want!  A new chapter just open in my life, it was wonderful and bright J - So I've been searching for gluten and wheat free recipes ever since.

This recipe is by Pamela Moriarty "Dinner Secrets Gluten-Free" and it’s my 1st Gluten free cook book. Mr Wong and I both really love this J. Enjoy xoxo

1 x cup chickpea flour (“besan “we bought it in an Indian Grocer)
1x cup water
2 ½ tsp olive oil
1/2 tsp salt
1 Lemon zest
2 tbs Sumac (it’s a Middle Eastern spice, it's red/brown and has a very lemony flavour)
Tip: besides sumac, can use ground cumin, fennel etc  (1 tsp portion).

2 tbs rice bran oil for cooking


1 lemon zest

Add chickpea flour and salt into a food processor ( I love my supersize food processor, can contain up to 2.5 litres!) It's heavy though!

Add  1 cup water and olive oil in a jug ( it's a big jar ), turn on the food processor and slowely pour the liquid in and process for 5 secs

looks like this

Then add sumac and lemon zest and process another 5 secs

Batter result

Add rice bran oil into a pan on low-medium heat , pour a small batch of batter miixture into the pan and swirl around to get it round

cook for about a min 

flip it over and cook around a min

Wraps is ready to go ~ makes about 5pcs

Prepping the fillings :)

The spread (sorry about the mess lol): I've got ice berg lettuce, roasted chicken, avacado, pickle cucumber, strips of cucumber , japanese mayo and dills

Wrapping time ~ Voila Enjoy


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