Friday, February 15, 2013

Healthy Egg Flower Soup cooking at Work!!!

Ok my darling Readers, I have taken my cooking to the point of doing it at work!!!

I would love to share this easy simple healthy soup that you can make for a work lunch . With these easy steps this soup will only take about 8-10mins( depending on your microwave voltage, I'm using a 750 watt ). Please feel free to let me know how your soup goes. Enjoy J

*Make sure you have a microwave at work!! And some ingredients need to packed a night before so you can take to work in the morning



2x cups of chicken stock (my own homemade) 

2 x stoke of Green shallots (finely chopped)

1 x egg

A pinch of salt and pepper

You can also add more filling e.g. (fresh ice berg lettuce, fresh baby spinach, corn kernels, coriander, boiled peeled eggs, cooked noodle/ dumplings/meats add into the soup)

Our work kitchen!!! Things you need: a microwave, a large soup bowl , spoon and fork ! 

Ingredients: Chicken stock, egg and shallot

Microwave your soup in a bowl for about 4mins

Beat your egg

Add your beaten egg into the hot soup and add chopped shallot  ( you can add more fillings as suggested above)

Heat for another 4mins

Voila!! Fresh soup served  at work. Add salt and pepper. Enjoy ~

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